Gift Cards

Give Your Customers Another Way to Pay and Come Back for More

  • Include your business logo or high-quality photo and our gift card team will design your eye-catching custom gift cards

  • Load any amount of money onto gift cards to sell to customers, right from your SpotOn payment hardware

  • Seamlessly accept gift card payments and check customer balances

  • Get your first 50 gift cards free, just for being a SpotOn merchant

e-Gift Cards for SpotOn Restaurants

Top 10 Reasons Your Business Needs Gift Cards

SpotOn charges NO monthly fee and NO transaction fees for gift cards - our competition does!

  1. Gift Cards are the most requested gift during the holidays

  2. 93% of Americans will buy or receive at least 1 gift card this year

  3. 65% of Gift Card users spend over 38% beyond the face amount of the card

  4. 90% of Gift Cards are used within 60 days of purchase - this increases your sales in a crucial time of year (ie, Jan-Feb)

  5. The average value of a Gift Card is almost $50, which often drives up the average sales size

  6. More than 20% of all Gift Cards are sold during the Holiday Season

  7. Instead of giving refunds, a business can give a Gift Card as the actual refund, keeping the money with their business

  8. More than $1 billion in Gift Card value is never used, or FREE money for your business

  9. Gift Cards are much easier to keep track of than paper gift certificates AND the actual Gift Card can be used again

  10. Gift Cards make a business look more professional and can be used to promote the business via marketing efforts