Digital Marketing

The newly updated SpotOn Marketing make it easier for merchants to send eye-catching, professional campaigns, with more control of how they send campaigns and even better performance analytics.

SpotOn Marketing: More Customers. Less Effort.

SpotOn’s marketing tools make it easy to implement a consistent communication strategy with your customers so that they will frequent your business more often and spend more money when they do. The end result is not only better relationships with your customers, but increased revenue for your business. On top of that, you’ll save time because SpotOn puts all the marketing tools you need into one intuitive dashboard.

August 2020: SpotOn Marketing is New & Improved!

SpotOn Marketing is a powerful and time-saving toolset for businesses of all types to stay connected with their customers and drive revenue growth.

  • Included for all new clients at no extra charge, as always!

  • Now more than ever, it’s crucial for businesses to stay in touch with their customers to communicate new hours, online ordering, curbside pickup, ecommerce, etc.

  • 61% of people want to hear from their favorite brands through email

Here are a few of the upgraded features:

1. Easier to Create Professional, Custom Campaigns

Merchants can create customized, branded experiences with their logo and brand colors,change font colors and sizes, add buttons with links, and then select from multiple marketing channels to keep in touch with their consumers. We feel we've captured the perfect balance between a user-friendly interface and and an advanced marketing platform, like Constant Contact.

2. Drag-and-Drop

With the drag-and-drop editor, our merchants don’t have to be design pros. They can choose outstanding designed templates from our library or use our powerful, intuitive builder to create campaigns from scratch. It's as easy as click, drag, and drop. It helps them save time and engage their customers with attractive communications.

3. More Options Across Channels

Using different channels like Facebook, email, and push notifications, merchants can connect with customers everywhere in different ways.

  • Send customized messages, emails, deals, and more to keep their customers active and excited.

  • Turn on and schedule automated emails to save time and boost retention.

  • Create a “welcome” greeting for new customers, or a “Happy Birthday” card, or a “We missed you” email to re-engage and maintain consumer relationships.

4. Track Campaign Analytics

  • Merchants can track their marketing performance by analyzing how their customers interact with their emails, mobile messages, and Facebook campaigns. By simply checking their dashboard, they can learn what’s working and what needs to be improved.

5. New Campaign Manager Tools

  • Merchants now have the ability to monitor and manage created campaigns from saved to scheduled, active, and archived. They can also resend, edit, schedule, and preview their campaigns and target them at specific audiences for even better results and return on investment.

What's a good way to start marketing?

Staying top-of-mind is the key to building lasting and meaningful relationships with your customers. Consistent communication builds loyalty, encourages your customers to spend more, and increases your revenue.

However, don’t send emails without a purpose. With a little planning you can design an annual strategy with relevant messaging and creative ways to get your customers in the door.

  • SpotOn recommends sending out 1 deal per week to your customers.

  • Marketing emails should be sent less frequently. Aim for 1 – 2 per month.

To get you started, here are 99 content ideas that will help you effectively engage your customers with deals and marketing emails.

Download "99 Reasons To Contact Your Customers"