SpotOn Order

One solution for online ordering, dine-in, take-out, delivery, and more...

Online Ordering

Increase sales, reduce labor costs, and improve throughput with digital solutions for take-out, delivery, and on-premise dining.

Customers can order dine-in, take-out or delivery directly from your website, Google Search, Google Maps, Facebook and our FREE mobile app!

Keep Your Customers Fed, Your Staff Working, and Revenue Rolling

Order with Google

Reach more hungry guests and pay no commissions or additional fees on online orders through Google Search and Google Maps.

Reach more hungry guests with Order with Google.

SpotOn makes it easier than ever for your guests to find and order from your restaurant’s Business Profile on Google. SpotOn’s online ordering solution, SpotOn Order is now integrated with Order with Google. Your guests search for what they’re craving on Google, find your restaurant and order directly from your Business Profile on Google with ease. No apps. No logins. Easy.

Offer Delivery with Online Ordering

Increase revenues by offering commission-free local delivery without having to hire or manage your own drivers.

  • Generate new sales with no extra labor requirements

  • Guests within 5-miles can order delivery directly from your website

  • DoorDash’s reliable network of drivers handles all the delivery logistics

  • Own your customer data to retarget guests and drive repeat visits

  • Save 75% or more compared to third-party delivery apps

  • Full POS integration with Online Ordering and real-time order tracking

Integrate Third-Party Ordering Apps Directly into Your POS

ItsaCheckmate funnels delivery orders from major third-party delivery services like UberEats, Caviar, Grubhub, DoorDash and Postmates, and seamlessly integrates them into your SpotOn Restaurant POS system.

  • Reduces number of tablets needed to offer third-party delivery

  • Eliminates order entry errors

  • Increase revenue potential

  • Saves time and reduces labor costs

QR Code Mobile Ordering

5 Reasons Restaurants Need QR Code Mobile Dine-In Ordering:

  1. Promote social distancing between staff and guests, creating a safer environment during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

  2. Go contactless, where customers can scan a QR code, and then order and pay right from their phone, without ever having to touch a menu or credit card

  3. Be more efficient and flexible, with orders sent directly to the POS and kitchen, and allowing customers to pay from phone or "pay later" to create a more traditional experience

  4. Interact with online menu and orders in real-time, allowing servers to interact with the order from your SpotOn Restaurant POS, giving you complete control

  5. Improve table turn-times now and after the pandemic, meaning more revenue

Order Pacing

Operate Online Ordering with confidence

Pacing with SpotOn Order allows your restaurant to efficiently manage incoming online orders based on kitchen capacity, eliminating the risk of being inundated at any given time and taking the stress and guesswork out of managing an online ordering system.

  • Set pacing for 15-minute intervals

  • Easily adjust pacing for a specific time and date during special occasions

  • When the pace becomes full, automatically let customers know the next available time slot

With online order pacing, you don't need to worry about unexpected spikes in order volume. Set a dollar amount and/or the number of order limits for 15-minute blocks throughout the day.

Text Message Notifications

Boost online ordering efficiency with 2-way guest text messaging... right from your POS!

Text messaging is built-in to SpotOn Restaurant POS and SpotOn Order, saving you time and creating a seamless guest experience for online orders.

  • Automatically send online ordering confirmations to customer, including their estimated pickup time

  • Easily inform customers about relevant change in real-time

  • Have your customers notify you when they arrive to increase operational efficiency

  • Streamline the curbside pickup experience with a contactless solution

The Power of Online Ordering

Case Study: The Blue Barn

For years, The Blue Barn restaurant in California was very happy using Aloha POS. After the pandemic brought their business to a screeching halt, with ZERO income for the first time ever, they realized they needed to make a major change.

In June, they upgraded to SpotOn Restaurant POS with integrated Online Ordering. For the first time in their history, they made record sales where not one month fell below $300,000... DURING A PANDEMIC!

Perhaps the most interesting part is that 85% of those sales were via Online Ordering!

Book your appointment today, and see what SpotOn can do for you.

Two Options for SpotOn Order

  1. Integrated with SpotOn Restaurant POS

SpotOn's Online Ordering and Dine-In Ordering are integrated with SpotOn Restaurant POS for seamless integration and ease-of-use, for both the restaurant operator and the customer. Schedule your FREE demo.

2. Mobile options for small operations

Portable order & payment tech—wherever you’re headed next.

Get the on-the-go tech your food truck or other smaller operation needs to boost efficiency, increase sales, and connect with customers.

How Online Ordering Works

  • Our team will work with you to create a custom online menu for carryout, delivery, and even Dine-In Ordering, which can be automated to show your breakfast, lunch, or dinner menu based on the time of the day.

  • If you don’t already have a website, we can build one for you in less than 48 hours, with no upfront costs!

  • We’ll configure your integrated online ordering so orders go directly to your POS and kitchen printer or KDS, with lead times and future ordering programmed to your specifications.

  • Customers can order and pay right from your website or our free app, making it easy for them and profitable for you.

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