Save Money and Grow Revenue with SpotOn

The SpotOn platform combines powerful business software with payment capabilities, making it easier than ever before to run and grow your business. If you have a compatible POS system that you want to continue using, we are happy to convert the POS system for you.

Popular Compatible POS Systems

...and hundreds more!

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Get the best of both worlds—SpotOn and the POS you already know.

Your Existing POS +

Top 5 Conversion Benefits

  1. No need to train employees on a new POS

  2. Best rates, next day funding, NO junk fees, NO contract

  3. Strengthen your connection with customers

  4. Free digital invoicing for vendors and wholesalers

  5. Free backup & mobile solutions for payment transactions

Top 5 Benefits of SpotOn

  1. Increased revenues

  2. Better savings

  3. Enhanced customer engagement

  4. Improved efficiencies

  5. Dedicated partner who cares