Welcome! MG4SMB LLC empowers small and medium sized businesses with energy, POS, payment, software and other business solutions to be as profitable and as efficient as possible.

How Can We Help?

MG4SMB LLC can help SMBs:

Energy Solutions

80% of SMBs are being taken advantage of by local utilities. Let's optimize your business!

If your state has deregulated energy, while your utility company continues to deliver electricity and gas, your business actually has the freedom to choose where their energy is supplied from. That's where we come in... to maximize your savings and your energy consumption.

FREE Solutions

NO processing fees. NO transaction fees. NO upfront costs.

Our unique suite of solutions will help your business be more efficient and more profitable.

Employee Retention Credit Assistance

Receive up to $26,000 per Employee!

Does your business need extra money? Of course!

If your business (1) has 5-500 employees, (2) was established before February 2020, and (3) kept W-2'd employees on staff during the pandemic... you could be eligible for tax refunds of up to $26,000 per qualified employee. For instance, if you had ten employees who qualify, that's up to a $260,000 tax credit, even if you already received PPP funds!

Through our partnership with leading cost reduction consultants, we are helping qualified merchants apply for and receive their Employee Retention Credits (ERCs) from the IRS. 

Our partner has helped 10,000+ clients save over $2.5 billion since 2009. How much can you save?