Payment Link

What is Payment Link? 

It's the easy way for your clients/customers to pay you online. Simply add a button to your website, they click on it, and are taken to a secure webpage to complete the transaction. And voila, now you are paid!

You can also email the Payment Link to your clients/customers. They simply click on the link from their email, taking them to a secure website to complete the transaction at their convenience. 

Pay Now buttons for services. Buy Now button for products. Donate Now button for non-profits. 

Payment Link with CardPointe

Easy and  fast to create:

Create Pay Now button for website, invoice or email:

Easy to design your branded payment page:

Sample customized and branded payment page:

Payment Link with PayTrace

1. Customize payment page

2. Customize payment settings

3. Add link to your website

4. Email link to your customers