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Who do you know that could use some help? Who can benefit from a conversation with us?

Some ideas to jog your memory:

  • Fellow Business Owners You Know

  • Your Favorite Business Supplier

  • Your Favorite Business Vendor

  • Your Favorite Restaurant

  • Your Dry Cleaner

  • Your Tailor

  • Your Hair Dresser

  • Your Nail Salon

  • Your Shoe Repair

  • Your Favorite Clothier

  • Your Favorite Jeweler

  • Your Furniture Store

  • Your Favorite Antique Shop

  • Your Doctor

  • Your Children’s Doctor

  • Your Dentist

  • Your Pet’s Veterinarian

  • Your Local Gym

  • Your Painter

  • Your Plumber

  • Your Electrician

  • Your Accountant/Bookkeeper

  • Your Lawyer

  • Your Business Association

  • Your Auto Repair Shop

  • Your Office Supply Shop

  • Your Sign Shop

  • Your Favorite Wine/Beer Shop

  • Your Nursery/Garden Shop

  • Your Favorite Home Interior Shop

  • Your Favorite Electronics Store