Virtual Terminal

Get paid fast, right from your computer, laptop, tablet or phone

Virtual Terminal on your Computer

Virtual Terminal

The Virtual Terminal is a perfect payment solution, whether you do most of your work in a back office, work virtually, or simply have occasions where it’s a hassle to log in to your point-of-sale system to run a transaction. 

Now with Recurring Payments & Invoicing!

Accept a one-time payment

Sell items from your inventory

Issue a credit

Virtual Terminal on your Mobile App

Easy and Quick Payments

Fully Customizable Settings

Contactless Payments

Contactless payments

The Virtual Terminal is accessible by any computer. You will also have a mobile app accessible by any tablet or mobile phone for payment solutions to help merchants complete a transaction from anywhere.

For contactless payments, add a 3-1 reader to dip, tap and swipe for any mobile transactions.

Invoicing  enables you to create and edit invoices, send them on-the-go, get paid fast, and track your business performance. 

Invoicing provides you to simplify the collection process, send customized emails and reminders to your customers, and make invoice adjustments and edits. 

It is a quick, simple, and professional way to receive payments.

And, if you already process payments with us, it’s FREE of charge!

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