Top 10 things you can do with online payments

Some advantages with Invoicing:

Sending an invoice from a payment terminal

Sending an invoice from a computer

Easily update payment amount

Resend invoices, avoid late payments

View all activity

Manage & customize invoices

Mark as paid with notes

Customize your alerts


A lighting fixture manufacturer processes about $400,000 per month in credit cards with distributors, costing the company nearly $20,000 in monthly fees. All of their transactions were entered by hand, so they needed an easy-to-use solution like our Virtual Terminal.

"After analyzing the merchant statements, we were able to show the CEO they were paying an effective rate of almost 4.5%, not the 2.7% she expected. After reviewing potential solutions that would drop that rate substantially, our customized solution resulted in a 44% reduction in fees that moved directly to their bottom line.”