Energy Optimization

80% of SMBs are being taken advantage of by local utilities. Let's optimize your business!

Businesses in the above states have deregulated energy, including New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Maryland. While your utility company continues to deliver electricity and gas, your business actually has the freedom to choose where their energy is supplied from. That's where we come in... to maximize your savings and your energy consumption.

What is deregulation?

Energy Basics

There are two main types of energy that get used the most, electricity and natural gas. These energy sources are typically subject to market fluctuations based on supply and demand. 

Electricity, unlike other commodities, can’t be easily stored. Traditional electric bills will measure your consumption using per kilowatt hour (kWh). The rate of consumption will fluctuate, meaning your bill will too.

Natural gas is transported using an infrastructure of pipelines that takes the gas from drilling sites and delivers it to your location. It’s traditionally measured on utility bills per dekatherm (DTh).

How Does Energy Pricing Work?

There are two main factors that drive the cost of a typical energy bill:

Your utility company had two roles in bringing energy to your location:

Your utility company bills you for supplying and distributing your energy, along with any applicable taxes.

What is Deregulation?

This is where we come in. 

With deregulation, your energy supplier and distributor can now be two separate entities. Giving you the power of choice, MG4SMB has partnered with Astral Energy, which takes over the role of supplying the energy. Your local utility company will still have the role of distributing your energy.

After Deregulation

Your bill will continue to come from your utility company and will look almost exactly the same with two exceptions:

Go Green!

We can provide 100% renewable energy that's derived from sources such as wind power, hydro power,  and bioenergy.

Our clients are then sent a certificate they can place anywhere in their business to identify as a 100% renewable green energy business. 

History of Energy Deregulation in the United States

in 1986, the North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC) was founded to split the U.S. into ten energy regions. Although NERC was effective at improving the reliability of energy delivery, it also allowed for local energy monopolies to pop up. These monopolies would often overcharge energy users who had to foot the cost of any expansion projects initiated by these companies.

Therefore, in 1977, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) was created, and along with the Energy Policy Act of 1992, FERC made a move to deregulate the energy industry and let individual states decide how energy was supplied to users. As a result, competition was once again introduced to the energy industry, and deregulation began across states.

How Deregulated Energy Works

Businesses and consumers in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Maryland now have deregulated energy. This option gave energy users the choice of who provides their energy, while utility companies still own the delivery infrastructure. 

An energy supplier will purchase energy from the utility companies and then sell their energy supply to consumers. Consumers will still receive their energy from the utility companies’ infrastructure. This process gives consumers more control over the rate they pay for energy while still receiving the same service quality.

Benefits of Deregulated Energy

Energy deregulation offers a variety of benefits to both companies and consumers:

At Astral Energy, you will receive all the energy you can use at a flat monthly fee that won’t change throughout the year. Request a quote to find out your price today!

MG4SMB has partnered with Astral Energy to optimize energy for SMBs. With over 30 years of energy experience helping forward-thinking companies like yours better manage their monthly power consumption and budget, we’re a leading independent supplier of energy serving businesses in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Maryland. 

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Market Recap: Q4 2022

Inflation and the global economy are heavily dependent on energy prices, which is why recent turbulence in natural gas markets should worry and place urgency on everyone.  In most European nations, North America, and Asia, natural gas is the marginal producer of electricity, which makes power and gas contracts highly correlated. 

The present and near-term future for gas prices have never hit such high records as in the present times. Natural gas prices in Europe are almost 10 times where they stood this time last year and projections read natural gas prices in the United States will hit their highest level in 14 years. 

All trends indicate increased volatility that will bring higher energy prices through the foreseeable winter and beyond. 

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